Farmhouse style with a modern appeal

The farmhouse halltree is perfect for a wide variety of spaces in your home. It can be placed on an open wall, in a corner, and a nook. Any size down to 1/16", any paint color/stain color, and layout is possible. With your input, NB4TL will provide you with a beautiful and functional halltree made to fit your space. Take charge today, and improve your entryway and mudroom storage with something made just for your space.

Build and Shop Farmhouse Halltree


  • Farmhouse Halltree

    The beginning of NB4TL, the farmhouse halltree started with an idea for my own home, and now its being shared with everyone.

  • Farmhouse Halltree with drawers

    Farmhouse halltree with added storage space to contain your shoes, scarves, gloves, and much more

  • Farmhouse halltree with locker doors

    Locker doors provide the option for you to hide your hanging items or shelved items from view!

  • Farmhouse Halltree with adjustable shelving

    Farmhouse halltree with adjustable shelving on the side and below to add more storage options for all of your essentials.

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